Why Crystals?

These beautiful Earth gems are more than just a pretty object…

Crystals get their name because of the shape of their molecular structure – a crystalline lattice structure which allows for the consistent release of energy in the form of vibration. Each unique mineral compound vibrates at a different frequency, much like the cells in our body. When two or more vibrational patterns come together, they will experience either a constructive or destructive interference (harmony and disharmony). This transaction of vibrational energy is happening everywhere, at every moment!

When our body’s natural vibrations are disrupted, blocked, or interfered with, we may experience physical and mental symptoms. By using crystals which emit a specific frequency constantly, we can attempt to harmonize these vibrational patterns and return to optimal energetic function. While crystal healing has become an increasingly popular modern service, it is certainly not a new one. Crystals have been an integral part of society for thousands of years, as they were used in rituals, worn as jewelry, and even traded as currency.

Treatment Details

As with Reiki, the client will lay down on a treatment couch- fully clothed with a light blanket over them. The chakras and auric field are then assessed and selected crystals are placed accordingly on and around the body. I then work with the crystals to help un-block and release stagnant energy and to realign the energy centres.

A crystal treatment lasts approximately one hour, and an additional treatment is available, which is an advanced chakra cleanse, which lasts for two hours.

Clients are advised to drink plenty of water following the treatment as, with all energy healing treatments, releasing old energy can give some people a similar feeling / reaction as to a detox. However, this is always a good thing!

Crystals are safe for anyone of any age, and for any ailment! As well as being used in crystal treatments, they can be worn as jewellery, carried on you, placed around the home and also used in elixirs.

Crystals are safe to work with alongside conventional medicine, though I would not advise they are used in place of it. You should always seek professional medical advice for any serious physical ailments.


Please contact us for inquiries not seen below! Animal treatments are available upon request.

Children 10&Under - 20 Minutes

  • Book 3 or more treatments for 10% off!

Adult - 60 Minutes

  • Book 3 or more treatments for 10% off!

Advanced Chakra Cleanse - 120 Minutes

  • Book 3 or more treatments for 10% off!

Children 11&Over - 30 Minutes

  • Book 3 or more treatments for 10% off!

“Because you are alive, everything is possible.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

“In a crystal we have the clear evidence of the existence of a formative life-principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is none the less a living being. ”

Nikola Tesla