Thank you to my customers for the feedback!

Kim – Bedfordshire 2013/14

REIKI: I first visited Angie in 2013 at a time when I was feeling emotionally vulnerable. I was unaccustomed to indulging myself but I thought a reiki session might if nothing else allow me to relax. My usual form of relaxation was falling asleep in a very comfortable armchair but it’s pretty boring and doesn’t feel like a treat.
I had two sessions and after the first I felt so chilled out and peaceful. My mind felt at ease and remained that way for many days after. When I arrived at my second session I had a very bad cold and cough and felt very tired and run down. At first it was difficult to lie down without coughing but Angie was very patient and I settled for lying on my front with my nose running like a tap. I hasten to add that I had plenty of tissues and it was all very hygienic. Straight after the session I felt so much better and it wasn’t long till I was fighting fit again and ready to face the world.

COACHING: In August 2014 I felt I was drifting aimlessly through life and embarked on some Life Coaching with Angie. It was very interesting and I was able to talk through some issues with expert guidance and wisdom. I did at times feel like I was under the spotlight which I found slightly uncomfortable. But, this turned out to be a good thing because I realised I had been waiting for Angie (or anyone) to fix me. Instead she helped me to see that there is no right or wrong way to do things. I started to feel that I could be kinder and gentler with myself and that I was more than capable of steering my own life. It was a very uplifting discovery and Angie was my inspiration. Now a year later I’m not pretending I have an amazing life all the time but what I have is unique and precious to me. I know that I’m a strong person with endless potential and a wicked sense of humour. I am happy with me.
Now, time to book myself a Reiki session with Angie and a good cuppa and a chat Thanks!

Andy – Northampton 2014/15

VISION BOARD WORKSHOP: I’ve worked with Angie twice to create vision boards. The first time helped me reimagine my life as a whole after the end of a relationship and a house move. I found the process of making the vision board focused me on what we really important in my life, and Angie’s expert support through meditation and reflective exercises was invaluable. I came back to Angie for a second vision board when one day I reflected that most of what I’d imagined for myself was appearing in my life. My second board focused my directly on my aspirations for my work, and it hangs in my living room as a constant reminder to me of what I value most. Creating a vision board felt like a real treat to myself, and exploring my ideas in a visual way was liberating.

COACHING: Angie worked with me as a coach over a period of seven months. Juggling my family life, work and other activities means that life always seems busy, and I valued the opportunity every couple of weeks to focus on what was most important. Through coaching, I found I was able to achieve so much more than I thought possible. And thanks to Angie’s expert coaching, positive change happened in my life much more quickly than I could have achieved on my own. Most importantly, Angie took the time to get to know and respect me as a whole person, and helped me work through decisions from the starting point of my values and beliefs.

Sarah – Bedfordshire

VISION BOARD WORKSHOP: Hi Angie, I hope you are well? Just wanted to say thank you for a lovely workshop yesterday. I had a lovely and peaceful time. I have just spent an hour this evening readjusting my board, adding more pictures and gluing them all down. I have attached another picture for you. I still have some large spaces but my aim is to fill them as and when I see pictures I like or words that I hear that resonate with me. Many thanks again and take care.

Candice – Dubai

COACHING & REIKI: I first contacted Angela at a difficult time in my life and have been back to her time and again seeking her guidance. I have been able to move forward with all aspects of my life in a positive way thanks to her continued help and support with life coaching and reiki treatments. Angela has a calm and safe persona with a knack for finding the root cause of any troubles you bring to her, making everything a whole lot clearer! I have always come away from her sessions feeling upbeat and with a renewed sense of purpose and positivity. If you need someone to get you on the right track look no further.

Clare Wildman Coaching – Milton Keynes

VISION BOARD WORKSHOP: I thought I knew about vision boards until I attended Angie’s workshop. I was slightly frustrated to begin with as we spent the first half talking, relaxing and meditating, I wanted to get my hands on the pretty pictures and get going. I found out later that (and I really should have known this already) Angie knew just what she was doing. After being let loose on the magazines with scissors and glue and a board to build I set about creating my master piece with enthusiasm. I think it was only when I got my vision board home and sat back to look at it that I realised that it was nothing like what I had imagined creating. This board had come from my heart, not my head. There was nothing on it at all about my work, except and abstract representation. What it did show though was a deep yearning for flow in my life, for seasons and natural progression. For the next couple of years flow and natural became my watch words and I can honestly say that this has been working for me. I’ve stopped trying to impose a timetable on my life and I feel so much more relaxed and productive for doing so. I was so impressed that I asked Angie to run a workshop for my Business All Stars group. I could have facilitated my own workshop but I’d experienced the benefits that Angie’s unique approach brought to the session and wanted some of that for my clients too. My reputation was enhanced by providing a different style of event and my clients experienced an even greater level of service. I hope to have the opportunity to introduce more people to Angie’s innovative work.

Helen P. – Bedfordshire

VISION BOARD WORKSHOP: I have now been lucky enough to have attended two vision board workshops. It is such a treat to be able to spend time thinking about my life and where I want to be as so often we are too busy keeping our heads above water to think about where we want to be. My vision boards are a daily reminder for me about what I can strive for and achieve and I am so grateful to Angie for giving me the opportunity to frame my future in such a dynamic and positive way.

Clare – Milton Keynes

REIKI: My Reiki sessions with Angie have been an incredible experience. I really didn’t know what to expect and, if honest, was a little sceptical about it. However, almost as soon as Angie began, I felt a tingling sensation in my arm that got warmer and spread as the session went on. I saw the most amazing colours and had such a feeling of peace. By the end of the first session I felt more calm and relaxed than I had thought possible. The second session was not as intense and the feelings were subtly different, and still I felt calm and peaceful. I would highly recommend a visit to Angie for anyone who is feeling a little under the weather or in need of a pick me up or treat. You are guaranteed the attention of a very special, warm and friendly lady who has only your best interests at heart.

Keith – Bedfordshire

REIKI: Like most people these days, trying to keep your head above water in a demanding environment, coupled with a stressful job is a real challenge. It can sap the strength of the strongest person. When I found Reiki it was such a different thing. For a person who has spent his working life in traditional medicine, and only believing in that conventional line of approach, you might appreciate what a bold step it was for me to call Angie and ask for my first appointment.
I cannot quite say what happens during my treatment but it is really something extra special. It is all can do to stay awake. The effect after Reiki reminds me of having a long hot bath and not having the energy left to stay awake afterwards. It is very powerful and very relaxing, so much that my wife Linda sleeps much better these days because I don’t snore any more!

Jenny – Bedfordshire

REIKI: I was not sure what to expect from the Reiki experience but Angie made me feel at ease and confident and provided a wonderfully welcoming, relaxed and peaceful environment for me.
I have experienced enormous benefits from the Reiki treatments with Angie and feel relaxed, positive and energised after each session. Angie is highly professional and passionate about the benefits of Reiki and commits her whole self to each treatment. As a client I feel cared for, special and restored by Angie’s approach and sensitivity to my particular needs. Reiki now plays a huge part in my self-care programme and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you Angie.